Woosage is designed for Sage 50 Accounts UK version, which is sold predominantly in the UK and ROI (Eire). It is also used in Malta, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-07-06T14:31:00+01:00
Do Sage users have to log out during installation?2022-11-02T13:23:05+00:00

If we are installing Woosage Pro, then users must log out while we import a marker for all website products. This takes around 1 minute plus the time to run a back up (data only, not reports etc).

Can I extend my trial?2021-08-06T14:55:52+01:00

Our trial is set at 30 days to allow a reasonable time to test the functionality of Woosage. We will only extend the trial in exceptional circumstances, so we recommend that you ensure everything is ready to begin your trial.

I am a website designer/developer and I want to test it with a development/staging version of the website. Can I do this for the trial and then switch to a live website?2020-07-08T09:45:25+01:00

Yes, the website URL and API key are held in the Woosage settings.

Do you offer support during the trial period?2020-07-08T09:55:59+01:00

Yes, we offer full support during a trial and you can contact us for assistance during normal office hours (9-5, Monday to Friday, Excl. UK public holidays).

Do you charge for a trial installation?2022-12-28T15:44:27+00:00

All installations include a 30-day trial period prior to the first subscription payment being taken. Woosage is a complex product and the installation requires knowledge of Sage and WooCommerce, which is a rare combination.  Additionally, the local Windows IT environment has to be considered.  We offered self-installation but found that we ended up doing the installation anyway!

What are the Woosage Terms and Conditions?2022-11-02T13:26:13+00:00

The Woosage Terms of Service can be found here. You will be asked to accept these terms when you create your Woosage subscription.

How much resource will Woosage take on my PC?2021-08-06T15:00:16+01:00

Woosage requires around 110MB of storage for the software and data and uses very little resource when running. It runs on a cycle, typically every 60 minutes, and sleeps when not in use.

How does it connect to my website?2021-08-06T15:02:54+01:00

Woosage uses the WooCommerce REST API, which requires a key and secret, which must be created on the website and then added to the Woosage settings.

Do I have to reinstall Woosage in order to run it live and the end of the trial?2020-07-08T10:00:36+01:00

No. You can just insert the license key that you have purchased and it will carry on working as normal.

Which Role Based Pricing Plugins are supported by Woosage?2022-11-23T09:20:33+00:00

Woosage currently supports the following plugins that have role-based pricing features.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro by Barn2 PluginsRecommended Premium plugin

WooCommerce Role Based Pricing & Wholesale Pricing by Elextensions – free plugin (no support for product variations)

WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing by Elextensions – Premium plugin

What does the subscription cover?2021-08-06T15:06:10+01:00

The Annual Woosage charge covers the licence to use the software, all updates to cover new functionality, and Sage/Website updates. It also covers ongoing support during normal office hours (9-5, Monday to Friday, Excl. UK public holidays).

Can I run Woosage on a backup copy of my Sage data?2020-07-08T10:04:25+01:00

Yes. Access to the data is defined in the Woosage setting by means of a data path and user credentials.

Are website orders posted as Sales Order or Sales Invoices?2021-08-06T15:10:14+01:00

Woosage has the option to post website orders as Sales Invoices or Sales Orders, depending on your preferences. Sales Invoices are created and only posted when the Update Ledgers action is taken. Sales Orders are created and stock can be automatically allocated. When your Sales Order Processing procedure has been concluded you can mark the order as Completed in Sage and create sales invoices.

What does the installation fee cover?2022-12-28T15:37:10+00:00

We will send an online questionnaire that you must complete prior to installation. We will then install Woosage and configure the settings. We will also check the Sage products are setup to indicate Publish to Web (Professional version only) and check that SKU codes and Tax codes are configured correctly on the website, making adjustment where necessary. We then test the functionality prior to doing a walk-through of the Woosage operations.

Which version of Sage 50 Accounts will work with Woosage?2022-12-28T15:35:04+00:00

Woosage is designed to work with the UK versions of Sage 50 Accounts version 25 (2019) through to version 29 (2023), including cloud variants.

Does Woosage only work in the UK?2020-07-08T10:11:05+01:00

Woosage is designed for Sage 50 Accounts UK version, which is sold predominantly in the UK and ROI (Eire). It is also used in Malta, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand. Woosage is not compatible with other versions of Sage.

Does it work with Remote Data Access (formerly SageDrive)?2022-12-28T15:33:58+00:00

Yes. However, Woosage must be installed with the primary installation and not one of the satellite installations.

Can it be installed on a server?2021-08-06T15:35:01+01:00

Woosage is not designed to run on an unattended server as the Woosage Control Centre application cannot communicate with the Woosage Service unless they are on the same device and the Woosage Control Centre will need to be accessible to Sage users periodicially.

Does Sage have to be installed on the same PC as the Woosage installation?2020-10-26T11:21:43+00:00

Woosage is typically installed on a PC that already has Sage 50 installed as it requires access to components of the Sage installation that must be present in order for Woosage to run.  However, you can run Woosage on any PC provided you install the relevant Sage Data Objects (SDO) version and the path to the Sage data can be accessed from it.

Does Woosage allocate stock to orders when they are imported to Sage?2021-08-06T15:41:56+01:00

Woosage has an option to automatically allocate stock to Sales Order when posted to Sage.  This option is mandatory if stock updates are enabled in the Pro version in order to ensure website stock accuracy. This option does not apply if importing website orders as Sales Invoices.

How long does installation take?2022-12-28T15:30:09+00:00

As  Woosage is being installed by us then we usually do preparation once the installation questionnaire has been returned and prior to the on-site installation.  The installation and setup typically takes 30 minutes to an hour, but Pro installations can take longer (up to 2 hours).

Can orders be posted to different sales nominals based on region or country?2022-12-28T15:31:55+00:00

Not currently.  This is something we may add to a future release.  However, Woosage can be setup to use the Sales Nominals defined in the customer records. Sales can also be mapped to different nominals based on payment currency (Professional feature). We have continued to enhance both versions to provide a comprehensive solution covering orders, prices, stock, products and price lists (see About Woosage).

Does Woosage work with Composite Products and Product Bundles?2020-10-26T11:25:16+00:00

Yes, Woosage now supports Composites and Bundles in addition to Simple, Variable, and Grouped Products.  Note that we only support the official WooCommerce versions of Composites and Bundles.  Other Composite and Bundle plugins may work, but we have not tested them.

If a customer supplies a billing address and/or the delivery address in the website order that is different from the Sage Customer Record, will Woosage overwrite it?2021-08-06T16:12:34+01:00

No. The Sales Order or Invoice may use the billing and/or the delivery address from the website order, if the relevant option is activated in the Woosage settings, but the Sage Customer Record will not be overwritten.

Can Woosage deal with eBay and/or Amazon orders?2021-08-06T16:14:39+01:00

Only if orders are created in WooCommerce using an eBay or Amazon plugin (i.e. WP Lister) that pushes eBay/Amazon orders via the website.

How does Woosage know which order to get from the Website and import to Sage?2021-08-06T16:20:52+01:00

Normally, Woosage will get all orders from the website that are in a Processing state, which usually indicates that the order has been placed and paid for. However, you can specify the states that you want Woosage to pick up orders for, including Custom states. Woosage looks back over a period of days (typically 5 to allow for order over long weekends, when the Woosage PC is switched off) and will ignore any previously exported (the exported order have an exported indicator and they are also present in the Woosage database).

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