The Woosage Journey

The Woosage Journey

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Please Note: The Beta 2 Program has now finished and we are no longer accepting applications for Beta Testers. 

You may have been wondering why Woosage was not available sooner, which is a fair question given that some of you may have subscribed to our newsletter last year!

To answer that question let me start at the beginning.  We have been providing a WooCommerce-Sage integration capability for several years, mainly as a custom solution that was complex to install, operate and support.  This also meant that the product was expensive, making it difficult to scale this part of our business.

We also got lots of enquiries from people wanting an off-the-shelf solution that we were unable to accommodate.

In speaking with these people, it became clear that there were basically two levels of requirements:

  1. Importing Orders from WooCommerce to Sage
  2. Synchronising Stock Level between WooCommerce and Sage

It also became clear that the solutions had to be simple to operate and be capable of being downloaded and installed by the end-user (or their website provider or agency).

We designed and built a prototype of Woosage 1.0 using a cloud-based mechanism to buffer the transactions.  However, after expending a considerable amount of effort we abandoned this approach, mainly due to the escalating costs of the cloud facility, brought about by making it too complex!

Having learned a valuable lesson (KISS – Keep it simple, stupid!) we now have Woosage 2.0, which is currently in being tested by clients using Sage v24 & v25 (Beta 1), and the basic version is expected to be generally available in January.  We are now seeking other prospective clients to test other Sage versions (Beta 2) after which these versions will be made generally available.

The two levels referred to above are covered by the following product variants:

Woosage – automatic import of orders from WooCommerce to Sage

Woosage Pro – adds stock level synchronisation between WooCommerce and Sage [Coming Soon]

Woosage Pro is currently in development and we will provide updates as we progress.

We are currently seeking prospective customers to test Woosage with the following version of Sage:

  • Sage 50 Accounts v23
  • Sage 50 Accounts v22
  • Sage 50 Accounts v21
  • Sage 50 Accounts 2014 (v20)

As Beta 1 has not identified any significant issues we expect Beta 2 to be relatively trouble free. However, we can’t guarantee this, so in return for testing and feedback Beta 2 customers will receive 3 months free usage after acceptance (i.e. agreement that Woosage behaves as described to your satisfaction). No invoice will be presented until acceptance and we will provide installation assistance and support during the tests (normal price £499 per year plus VAT, where applicable).

Please Note: The Beta 2 Program has now finished and we are no longer accepting applications for Beta Testers. 

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